Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Material & Texture Renders

Hugh trombley iw solarcells02
Hugh trombley iw solarcells03
Hugh trombley iw solarcells01

Changes to this material were masking separate specular values for the glass as well as the metal trim. The blue highlight comes from the Iridescence shader. And finally a second specular channel was added in to create the clear coat effect.

Hugh trombley iw shipsolarpanels02
Hugh trombley iw shipsolarpanels01

The primary problem for this material was that it used a too dark value for it's albedo, it was lightened and added a color matching solar cells. Masking for the Iridescence shader was refined and specular values were adjusted.

Hugh trombley iw addisonville02
Hugh trombley iw addisonville01

Specular values were adjusted to better match Iron metal, values for the lettering and outline were adjusted to not be dark.

Hugh trombley iw brushedmetal

Specular and Gloss values were fixed as well as the creation of a mask for the Anisotropic Shader to enhance the brushed metal look.

Hugh trombley iw baremetal

The mask between the two materials were adjusted, as well as gloss values. The grunge was lightened to not produce a dark diffuse effect. Anisotropic Shader applied to the metal portion.

Hugh trombley iw debrisexteriormetal02
Hugh trombley iw debrisexteriormetal01

This was treated as a damaged metal were the diffuse could be at lighter value than black as well as the lowering of the specular value. Using a Specular Occlusion map generated from the Normal map, a mask for the Iridescence shader was applied.

Hugh trombley iw greecesolarpanels02
Hugh trombley iw greecesolarpanels03
Hugh trombley iw greecesolarpanels01

These two materials were adjusted to have specular values for Cobalt and Gold. Iridescence was added as well as gloss values were adjusted to have a more glass highlight.

Hugh trombley iw oil02
Hugh trombley iw oil01

For the Oil puddle, Iridescence mask were generated and the value for the highlight was lowered. Diffuse value was adjusted to be lighter while still having a dark value for the opaqueness.

Hugh trombley iw paneldecal02
Hugh trombley iw paneldecal01

This decal, had to have an Occlusion map generated as well as some settings adjustments to help set the blend value.

Hugh trombley iw muddyground

The values for the dirt were adjusted as well as the specular values for the puddles were adjusted to not appear as metallic. Diffuse was darkened in the puddles to affect porosity darkening.

Hugh trombley iw metalpiping

These conduit pipings were used extensively within the Shipcrib areas. They contrasted too much around and looked stylized. The specular value was adjusted for a more Aluminum value as well as gloss was adjusted for a more oxidized look.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Material & Texture Renders

Here are a number of textures and materials I worked for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It was a real pleasure getting to contribute to this project and an even greater pleasure working with so many amazing people!

My primary duty was to ensure and correct textures from Infinity Ward's large asset catalog. Corrections range from clamping the albedo's bright and dark values to generating specular occlusion and correcting specular and gloss maps. Occlusion maps were necessary to ensure proper blending for decal and transparent materials, they were generated from using Knald or taking the Blue channel from the Normal map and adjusting the values. For certain materials I generated textures for shader effects such as Iridescence, Anisotropic, and Clear Coat. Photoshop was key for texture adjustments and creating masks for the shader effects.